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Our home - page 2
We have been blessed with a beautiful two story log home near the center of the town
to be used as home based linguistics school (English), food distribution,
counselling, and mercy-relief center - see bottom of page.
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Why is this annoying little snowman dancing? Because, he also lives in the Republic of Sakha, regarded by many as the world's COLDEST continuously inhabited region! 
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Russia is the world's largest country in area and is presently among the world's most troubled. For a thorough study of the history, politics, cultures, and geography, of this amazing land, we refer our visitor to the web sites below. If you know of other sites please contact me and we will consider adding them...THANKS!  


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A lot of wonderful information on the Sakha Republic may be found by double cicking the Sakha flag icon below:
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The Republic, called "SAKHA" by native peoples or "YAKUTIA" by the Russians, was made an autonomous region in 1922. Over 1 million square miles of north central Siberia, it is about the size of the nation of India, the largest of Russia's republics and by far the richest in natural resources. It contains vast reserves of gold, silver, copper, platinum, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, timber, oil, and natural gas. The republic is bisected by the Lena River, ecologically the cleanest in Asia. Among the longest rivers in the world it flows north over 2,700 miles (often 20 miles wide) from the world's largest fresh water lake, (Baikal) to the Arctic Ocean, the republic's northern border.  

No where else does the temperature vary annually 150º F (from over + 90º F in July to under - 60º F in January)! The ground is frozen or "permafrost", and only the top meter melts in the short summer. Incredibly, only about 1 million people inhabit 1 million square miles! The harshness, beauty, variety, wildlife, and size of this vast and virtually unmolested land, is truly breathtaking.

Yakut, Jukatir, Evenk, and Even peoples share an ancient and common heritage as the masters of this hard and unforgiving land. For survival, they became expert hunters, fishermen, and farmers. They are able craftsmen, horsemen, herdsmen, and warriors. Traditional war dress of the Yakut tells us they are descendants of the mighty armies of Genghis Khan. Many Yakut were war heroes cited for bravery on the "Russian Front" against Nazi Germany. Yakut lore, ornaments, totems, religious symbols, "Teepees", dress, songs, and dances, are similar to those of many of North America's tribal peoples. The town of Yakutat, Alaska bears their tribal name. 
For too many generations the peoples here have been animists, worshipping the same demons which haunted their ancestors. More are believing the good news of the love of Jesus, being set free from demonic bondage, and receiving His salvation. Pray with us that whole tribes will be set free. There are many isolated villages to be reached, and the time is short! Pray for more workers for the harvest. Other missionaries and organizations have come before us and we pray God will send others as well.
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Vilyuysk in 1999, celebrated its 365th birthday. It is rich in history involving the Yakut peoples, Cossacks, Russian nobility, merchants, and a great fur trade along the Viluy River on whose banks the capitol town was built and for which the town and region are named. Vilyuysk was an integral part of the czars penal system in the years prior to the October Revolution. In the late 1800s a lone British missionary woman rode on horseback across Russia and established a small leper colony just outside of the town of Vilyuysk. The fond memory of this woman and her mission in this region helped pave the way for our coming here to be a blessing to these people. Throughout the Soviet times and today, Vilyuysk heats Yakutia. The Vilyuysk region is the heart and center of production and distribution of natural gas supply to the million square-mile Sakha Republic.

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